My Mission

I provide the education and coaching federal employees and uniformed service members need to make better decisions around saving and investing in their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) accounts so they can achieve financial independence, live comfortably on their own terms, and create a life they love.

About the TSP Counselor

Thank you for dedicating your career to protecting, defending, and otherwise serving the United States of America.

When my wife and I decided to do the same nearly 15 years ago, we could not have been more excited about our futures. The one thing that was missing then, and for which there remains a tremendous need today, is conflict-free education and coaching around saving and investing for the future using the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Whether you are entering federal service in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, or you are thinking of leaving service prior to, at, or after traditional retirement age, the decisions you make around saving and investing in the TSP will most certainly have a profound impact on your financial future and that of your loved ones.

While the number of business models for financial advisors continues to grow, virtually all of those models are still focused on the “traditional” domains of financial planning. The reality is that for a huge swath of Americans, federal employees included, their needs for financial advice are half about financial literacy, and half about behavior change and forming good financial habits – neither of which are part of the typical engagement with a financial advisor.

Although most everyone knows that saving diligently and investing prudently is important, very few recognize what prudent investing looks like, understand how crucial it is to have a plan in place to guide their financial journey, or appreciate the reality that the planning is never truly done. The TSP Counselor is your educator and coach around the TSP as you navigate the everchanging landscape that is life – be it changes in age, net worth, work-related and personal circumstances, or market turmoil. You must, and together we can, make important TSP-related decisions with unknowable and incomplete information, and then adjust as you go. Together, we will navigate uncertainty on the path to achieving your financial goals and freedom.

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About Me

For me, money is “an issue.” By that I mean, money has shaped the way my wife and I live our lives in an incredibly meaningful way. It has forced us to set goals for ourselves and our family, and to make informed decisions as we inch closer to financial independence. In addition, our focus on money has forced us to serve as positive financial role models for our two young children. I am a self-taught investor (and self-professed personal finance nerd) who began learning the basics over 15 years ago from knowledgeable, experienced investors. Ever since then, I have immersed myself in the subject, developed a well-rounded knowledge of and perspective on personal finance-related matters, and applied all I have learned to saving and investing in my wife’s and my TSP accounts. 

Now, after more than 15 years as a practicing attorney, Intelligence Analyst, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Peer with the US Department of Justice, I have learned that my true calling is to provide our country’s finest individuals with the education and coaching they need to make informed financial decisions around their TSP accounts at times in their lives when doing so could completely transform their future. I love to teach and mentor, and coaching others allows me to dive into the emotional, behavioral, and educational side of money.

  • Live in upstate New York with my wife, an attorney with the federal government, and young daughter and son.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology from the University of Rochester.
  • Management Certificates in Finance/Accounting and Personnel Management from the University of Rochester Simon Business School.
  • Juris Doctor from the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law.
  • Barred in the State of New York and Washington, DC.