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Providing you with the education and coaching you need to make better decisions around your TSP account.

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Education and Coaching for Federal Employees and Military Members

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Are you a brand new civilian federal employee?

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Are you a member of the uniformed services?

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Are you retired or nearing retirement from federal service?

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Are you considering borrowing money against your TSP to purchase a home or pay off debt?

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Are you planning to have children or have children heading off to college?

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Are you saving enough and investing in a manner that will allow you to achieve your long-term goals?

Regardless of your age, interest in and understanding of investing, or current life circumstances, The TSP Counselor can provide you with the education and coaching you need to make better decisions around your TSP account. Together with The TSP Counselor, you can achieve financial independence, live comfortably on your own terms, and create a life you love.

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Investing Principles and Essentials

Some Thoughts Before We Begin
Truths in Investing
General Order of Investing Priorities
The Miracle of Compounding
Define Your Goal
Make Sense of Investing
Six Essentials for Investing Success
Behavioral / Emotional Factors

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Saving and Investing in the TSP

The Basics
Risk, Volatility, Asset Allocation, and Diversification
Building and Rebalancing Your Portfolio
Formalizing Your Plan
TSP and Other Investing Resources

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Your Money Coach and Mentor

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